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St. Peters UCC Dartball Team
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Dartball is a fun filled late fall/early winter activity with a long history of association with St. Peters UCC. Join friends and neighbors from church in competition with other teams from area churches. 


         See team photo below.

Dartball Season will begin on September 6th. Anyone interested in playing on St. Peter’s dartball team this year please contact Daren Lehnert 815-465-6646 or Roger Sturm @ 815-466-0253. Games are played on Wednesday nights.

St. Peter's Dartball Team Photo - 2011

2014-15 St. Peter's Dartball Team

2019-20 Members


Dartball season begins on September 5th and all games are played on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm. Anyone interested in playing for the 2018-2019 season please contact Daren Lehnert (815-455-6646) or Roger Sturm (815-466-0253).


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